10 features make “True BusinessID EV Multi Domain” as a first choice for securing Multi Domain with Single SSL Certificate.

When you have multiple domain for your business or for services and when you are deciding to secure your all domain with “Green Address Bar” with EV SSL Certificate (Extended Validation Certificate). And at the same time if you are searching best EV SSL which is secured your multi domain with green address bar then “True BusinessID EV Multi Domain” is the best choice for securing your multi domain with single SSL certificate.

Now you think why “GeoTrust True BusinessID EV Multi Domain SSL” is the best for securing multi domains? Don’t worry here is the best 10 features which makes True BusinessID EV Multi Domain SSL as a first choice for most of websites owners.

  • Secure both NON-WWW and WWW Domain:  GeoTrust True BusinessID EV Multi Domain is helping you to secure both www and non www domain name with high encryption strength on single SSL. Which means you can reduce your cost by installing only one SSL Certificate for your multi domain rather than purchasing and maintaining separate SSL Certificates for all domain names.
  • Offering Green Address Bar: When you are purchasing “GeoTrust True BusinessID EV Multi Domain SSL” you can get “Green Address Bar for website. Green Address Bar helps you to increase customer confidence to maximize online sales potential.
  • 256-bit SSL encryption Strength: it’s providing up to 256-bit SSL encryption strength which mean your website confidential data is fully secured with high encryption strength.
  • Unlimited server licenses at no extra cost: you can get unlimited server licenses and unlimited free reissues for certificate lifetime. You can install on any number of servers
  • Domain Validation:  True BusinessID EV Multi Domain SSL validates your domain names and your domain name will display in certificate.
  • 99% Browser Compatibility: GeoTrust True BusinessID EV Multi Domain SSL has 99% of web browser compatibility means your certificate will not face browser compatibility issue even in smart phone or in mobile browsers. Also its Enables EV interface for IE7 on Windows XP clients with EV Upgrader.
  • Multiplicity: SAN / Multi-Domain / UCC options are available for True BusinessID EV Multi Domain SSL.
  • Free GeoTrust Site Seal: True BusinessID EV Multi Domain SSL includes “Free GeoTrust Site Seal” which help you to increase online trust. It’s includes a True Site Seal identity verification - embedded organization name/date/time stamp.
  • Convenience: GeoTrust True BusinessID EV Multi Domain SSL will be issued in 1-10 business days. And also 1-2 year validity options are available for same certificates.
  • Assurance: “GeoTrust True BusinessID EV Multi Domain” SSL Certificate carries $150k warranty. Which means you and your websites are fully secured with high level of warranty.

Author Bio: James Labonte works with Symantec's fastest growing Platinum Partner, theSSLstore.com, to provide consumers with the same security certificates that Certification Authorities sell directly. For affordable True BusinessID EV Multi Domain visit www.theSSLstore.com, or contact a representative directly by calling 727-388-4240.